Red Dead Redemption 2

Let me start off by saying if by the end of the game you do not dislike Micah intensely, you have something wrong with you deep down. It started off as me sitting on the sidelines watching my husband play intently and screaming at anyone daring to shoot at Arthur, on whom I suspect I might be crushing, to me braving the PS4 controller. Here I also have to add that there is only one PS4 controller in this house, so I have to share game time with two other players, namely a Fortnite addict and an avid RDR 2 player.

As a mainly PC Player controllers is a night mare for me, I literally give up after struggling to figure out what does what. For some reason RDR has inspired me to face my demons and bungle my way through learning a new style of playing for me.

Im also a scaredy cat, so i stick to shack hunting and if someone gets close to me, I run away as fast as my horse can carry me. I think the Collectors role is ideal for me. I am getting better at hunting too. Still avoiding anything that can shoot back though.

My husband with me as his side kick, has played through the storyline twice and is on our third playthrough, we are almost at the end so it makes us depressed and we are avoiding playing Arthur because going through killing poor Arthur for a third time is just almost wrong. So we stick to online playing which has become more fun even though we still encounter some joker whose only passion it seems is to either killing us or our horse which upsets me in the extreme and ends with me shouting in my husbands ears, “Its on like donkey kong!!!!!” and we proceed to killing and hunting aforementioned joker, well my husband does, with me egging him on from the side lines.

It really has become our couples thing, I have to admit though, like any good cowboy, I nod off when the ride gets too long. My husband does not approve of me napping, while he is riding the horse off into the sunset. Something to do with the fact that my snoring can scare an alligator back into its shell. I do not however agree as ladies does not snore or fart. I might have scared off a cat or dog in the past, but no damn alligators.

*Add on

So I did it, I literally conquered the PS 4 controller. I cannot say that I am an expert or a pro, but I’m getting there. This past weekend with my family down for the count, flu is a nasty little bug, I got uninterrupted game play. I did shoot someone by accident when all I actually wanted to do was wave. The other online player was very nice though and I heard grumblings of ” its because you are a girl!” from the sidelines (hubby) and apparently if he did something like that he would be hunted down and shot like a dog. I can only say I enjoyed myself tremendously and the game graphics is excellent and the online world is gorgeous. A world I could happily loose myself in with my horse Rush as my faithful companion.

Till next time,

Endless blessings

Arthur Morgan