Spring is here.  Yes I realise i’m about three days late but better late than never.  Spring is a time for renewal, rebirth and growth.  I’m sure everyone has gone through Winter wishing that Summer would come already.  We get tired of being cold and cooped up inside. Our Spring arrived as usual on the 1st of September, but it’s still cold.  Today I braved my garden and I eventually got so hot outside, I had to go put on a short and t-shirt.  (Sorry to my neighbour for blinding him with my wonderfully white legs.)  I have so far done three flower beds, weeded and spitted.  My right arm feels like i’ve had a bulldozer tied to it for the morning, but it’s been worth it, the red sunburned cheeks was a surprise though.  I’ve had fun in the garden and I’ve planted big fat tomatoes and cherry tomatoes.  This afternoon I’m planting flowers.  Let’s hope the sun will help them to grow quickly.  


Funny how the seasons and weather also impacts on our moods.  I love the sun, there is nothing that quite makes my day than sitting early in the sun with my cup of coffee, soaking up the sun and recharging.  Life is just too short not to grab the moments as you can.  I don’t want to live with any regrets, I do have my own share of them in my past, and I’m not willing to loose out on precious moments just because of fear.  We get shackled by our own past experiences that’s taught us to fear life.  I want to love, laugh and live without fear.  Tomorrow will happen whether I worry or stress about today.  What I can do however is ensure that my actions and decisions today will ensure a good tomorrow.  

I want to love without fear of rejection and even if there is rejection I want to know that I at least tried.  After all, this is about me and giving as much love as I can.  Life is short, one moment we are here, the next we are gone.  I want to leave behind some kind of legacy even if you only read this twenty years from now, and it impacts on you, then my life would be worth it.  

I am incredibly blessed.  I have got a wonderful husband, awesome kids and amazing friends and family that has crossed my path.  From each and everyone I have learned something and for that I am grateful, everyone has brought a fullness to my life without which I could never have experienced any personal growth.  

Hope you will see tomorrow as a gift and not a burden, and even if life is difficult, you will still be able to see the sun shining and see life as worth living because of you and the gift of life you have been given freely.


Lots of blessings